Luka® and Oxford University Press


In the Luka® library can now also be found the popular English book series Winnie & Wilbur. This has been made possible by a new licensing agreement between ITR and Oxford University Press.

Over the course of 19 picture books, Winnie the Witch and her black-haired companion, the cat Wilbur, undergo a multitude of exciting and entertaining adventures. The stories about the magic misadventures of the two title figures, created by Valerie Thomas and paired with the unmistakable illustrations of Korky Paul, have already delighted millions of young readers the world over. The various titles are aimed at children aged 0-5. This magical book series will, appropriately enough, be available to buy in the Luka® library from Halloween.


This is the next step in expanding the Luka® Library's range of English-language books: through its co-operation with Oxford University Press, ITR stands to gain a further important licensor. In its division Oxford Children‘s Books, Oxford University Press publish a multitude of inspiring and exciting books for children and youngsters. This large selection might eventually be integrated into the Luka® library.